About us

Oslo Finans AS is an independent investment firm, founded in 1983. The company is owned by the employees. According to Dun & Bradstreet's credit rating system, the company achieves AAA rating.

The first years the company was a co-owned subsidiary of Christiania Bank (now Nordea). In the 80's the company was a fully fledged broking house with activities in the brokerage of Norwegian and foreign shares, brokerage of all forms of interest-bearing instruments, corporate finance and fund management.

In a "management buy-out" in 1991, the corporate finance section of the original company was taken over by management. Today's leadership has been with the company since the mid 80's.
To our clients and relationships we seek to appear with integrity, creativity, long-term perspective and understanding of client needs.

We work mainly in two main areas where we offer the following services:

Corporate Finance

  • Mergers & Acquistions (sale / purchase of businesses, partnerships, mergers and spin-offs)
  • Arrangement and placement of new issues
  • Arrangement and placement of investment companies
  • Syndication of real estate projects
  • Counseling related to enterprises' capital structure and strategy
  • Facilitation of guarantees
  • Facilitation of loan financing
  • Valuations of Businesses
  • "Management for hire" within the financing and investment activities


Axel Folkvard

Partner/Real Estate

+47 22 47 95 80

+47 90 13 03 35


Axel has wide experience in arranging of investment projects within the property sector and the organization and placement of new issues in small and medium-sized companies. 

He holds a Master of Arts in Business and Finance from Herriot Watt University in Edinburgh. 
Axel has been in Oslo Finance since 2003. Before that he was stockbroker in Nordea Securities with responsibility for international shares and consequently has good knowledge of the world's stock markets.

Benedicte Heintz

Administration/Compliance Officer

+47 22 47 95 80

+47 99 64 27 77


Benedicte graduated from the University of Oslo with a major degree (Master degree) in education, minor in French and foundation course in economics. 

She has been in Oslo Finance since 2006 and has previously worked with Vesta Insurance, Factor ASA and Nor-Cargo Thermo AS.

Jorunn D.Lystrup-Lydersen


+47 22 47 95 80

+47 48 19 19 55


Jorunn Lystrup-Lydersen has extensive experience from M&A- as advisor, consultant and executive manager, mainly from information technology and consulting companies as SuperOffice and Cap Gemini. Before joining Oslo Finans, Jorunn was executive director at Faveo, a large engineering company within project management. She has board experience from listed and non-listed companies, mainly from information technology and consulting. She has a master degree from Norwegian School of Management (BI) and a bachelor degree from Norges INforamsjonsteknologiske Høgskole (NITH) and University of Oslo (UiO). She was named partner of Oslo Finans effective January 2014, and works with mergers and acquisitions.

Per Henrik Magnus

Managing Director Partner/M&A

+ 47 22 47 95 80

+ 47 91 89 56 43


Per Henrik is responsible for the company's M & A activity. He has extensive experience in market analysis, business development, project management and consulting in acquisitions, mergers and sales of industrial enterprises (M & A). 

He is trained as an economist from the Norwegian School of Management. 
Per Henrik has previously worked in the DnB NOR Group and Coop Norway. Totally, he has over 10 years of transaction experience as an M & A specialist. Before he became a partner in Oslo Finance in 2008, he worked several years as a senior M & A adviser.

Pål Strømskroken

Partner/Real Estate

+47 22 47 95 80

+47 90 84 68 27


Pål Strømskroken works with client relations, capital raising, real estate projects and advisory for Oslo Finans. Pål started with Oslo Finans January 2018. He has several years of experience with real estate projects, deal sourcing and advisory in the Norwegian commercial real estate market, serving national and international clients. Prior to joining Oslo Finans, Pål worked at UNION Corporate for 7 years with commercial real estate. He has also worked several years in equity sales with Danske Bank Markets.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Degree from Heriot – Watt University, Scotland. Pål is authorized by the Norwegian Securities Dealers Association.


Marthe Brænden Bordal


+47 22 47 95 80

+47 97 19 10 13


Marthe works with analysis withing M&A and real estate. She has experience from consulting and especially with market analyses and business development. Marthe started at Oslo Finans AS in 2020. She has formerly worked in Accenture, and holds a Master of Science in Applied Economics and Finance from Copenhagen Business School.

Arvid Alexander Eskild

Business Manager/Compliance

+47 22 47 95 80

+47 91 66 22 74


Arvid works as the company's business manager and compliance officer. He is responsible for the company's public reporting and internal control, as well as assistance with projects in real estate and M&A.

He has extensive experience from a wide range of internal and external service deliveries within auditing and consulting of financial companies. He has a broad regulatory knowledge in the financial sector from his previous employment at PwC, where he worked for 8.5 years.

He has a Master of Science in Finance & Strategic Management from Copenhagen Business School.